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Stucco Metal Wall Panels for Residential Applications

January 2, 2019
Metal Wall Panels for Residential Use

Looking for an extremely strong, but stylish metal wall panel for residential applications? Strukturoc has many metal wall panel options for your luxury home. Strukturoc’s stucco metal wall panels are not just for commercial use, several builders and architects have been using them in residential applications. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar warehouse or a custom built home, our metal wall panels offer the same high-end appeal, strong steel design, at an affordable price.

Here are some residential applications for our metal wall panels:

  • Fireplaces and exterior chimney accents.
  • Textured panel accent columns and coining corners.
  • Luxury home exteriors.
  • Textured metal wall panel sheds to match a stucco exterior of a home.
  • Privacy walls and grill walls.
  • Matching textured finish for any exterior structures.

Home Architect - Metal Wall Panels

Benefits for residential architects and builders:

  • The ability to match the home with a textured look.
  • 20 gauge steel stands up to bad weather – hail and strong winds.
  • High wind areas can withstand up to a 200 mph wind.
  • Color matching.
  • Horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Steel metal wall panels are a non-combustible material.
  • Green product.
  • Custom design and look, get creative!

Have questions about our products?

Send us a message below or call us a 1-866-328-4982. We can answer all of your technical specification questions and help you get creative with using our metal wall panels for residential applications!

FedEx Lakeville, MN – Architectural Metal Wall Panels

October 16, 2018
FedEx - Lakeville Minnesota


Lakeville, Minnesota

We’ve also provided architectural metal wall panels for these FedEx locations:

  • Green, Ohio
  • Bend, Oregon
  • Yakima, Washington
  • Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Orem, Utah
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Otay Mesa, California
  • Sherman, Texas
  • Oak Creek, Wisconsin
  • Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Belden, Mississippi
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Type of project:

  • Storage Facility
  • Warehouse

Unique needs for this project:

  • We had to meet local government zoning codes by providing non-metal looking (industrial) exterior. We used our stucco finish on architectural metal wall panels to meet that code.

Products used:

Our role in the project:

Our products were able to meet the local codes, being located close to the job site allowed us to meet their deadlines.

Why our product was a great choice for this project:

Our customer liked the 20 gauge steel over the standard 24 or 26 gauge steel. The textured finish gave them the look they wanted with the strength of steel. Also the surrounding area appreciated the finished look of the facility.


Haulover Marine Center – Hurricane wall panels

September 18, 2018


North Miami, Florida

Type of project:

  • Storage
  • Marine buildings
  • High wind structure
  • Oceanfront buildings

Unique needs for this project:

  • We had to meet the Miami Dade County NOAs.
  • These metal wall panels were 3 custom colors.

Products used:

STK1000 Classic Series – Embossed Wall Panels

Our role in the project:

Our metal wall panels had to meet their stringent codes in Miami Dade county. We also had to get the custom colored wall panels created and there on time to meet their deadlines.

Feedback from our customer:

The builders of Haulover Marine Center were very appreciative and are using it as a showcase piece. The Project Manager called days before hurricane Matthew to confirm that the millions of dollars of boats in storage would be safe during the hurricane. He just wanted to confirm that the panels would hold up. We said as long as you installed it according to the guidelines you will be good to go, and the building held up fine!

Why our product was a great choice for this project:

While most metal wall panels are made from a 26 or 24 gauge steel our STK1000 embossed wall panels are made from a heavy duty single skin 20 gauge steel. This offers a far greater resistance to damaging winds. Also, these panels were a more cost effective solution on this build. Finally, the custom colors on the wall panels allowed Haulover Marine Center to have a unique branded look for their building.


Fishing – Things We Enjoy!

September 5, 2018
Strukturoc Sponsored Boat

Strukturoc Fishing BoatFishing – it doesn’t have much in common with the metal wall panels we create, but we thought we would share one of our passions with you! We like to give back to our community and here’s one small way we were able to do that. General Manager, Chris Francis shares the story:

Jared approached me 2 years ago about a business opportunity. He wanted to market our product in a unique way that I thought might be a good idea. He needed money to pay fees for the Professional Bass Circuit, and as a part of that he would need to wrap his boat with a corporate sponsor. At the same time I was looking at billboard opportunities, and ads in trade magazines. Jared is a young guy with the dream to make it in the big leagues and when it comes to bass fishing that’s not easy. It was a perfect fit with Jared, so we gave him a check and sent him on his way with own moving Billboard. Jared also takes some of our vendors and customers out on the boat to pre-fish before the tournaments. It has been a true value for our company and we are proud to partner with Jared!

Visit from Jason Lewis – MN 2nd District Representative

August 16, 2018
Jason Lewis - Plant Tour

Jason Lewis (MN 2nd District Representative) spent time touring our textured wall panel manufacturing facility. Strukturoc General Manager Chris Francis led Jason Lewis and his associates on the plant tour. We also had opportunities to discuss running a small business, steel tariffs, and national/local health insurance. Jason Lewis related to the struggles small businesses face, and the sacrifices they often make to keep going for the long haul. We appreciated his time and always enjoy the opportunity to show the capabilities of our plant.

Jason Lewis - Strukturoc Tour

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