New Construction Using Metal Wall Panels

Steel Wall Panels for New Construction

Installing metal walls for new construction has a whole range of benefits when compared to more traditional materials. Whether your project is a new office, a retail location, or a warehouse, you can use metal walls to create visual interest and appeal.

Also, you’ll provide additional protection from adverse weather conditions, and reduce the long-term maintenance repair costs of your building.

Durable Metal Wall Panels

Once you’ve invested in steel reinforcement for your new construction, you need to know it will stand the test of time. Our finish on our metal wall panels can typically last from 20 years for textured panels to 30 years for embossed panels. 

How will steel panels stand up to harsh weather? Our popular 20-gauge steel Signature Series stucco textured panels are among the strongest available on the market, helping to proof your building against damage caused by extreme weather conditions. 

For example, if you’re looking for hurricane protection, our ForceFive wall panels are Miami Dade County certified. Additionally, in case of fire, metal walls create a barrier that can contain an active blaze and prevent it from spreading, potentially saving lives.

Unlike other more traditional materials, Strukturoc’s metal walls require little or no maintenance, saving you the high cost in terms of materials and labor over their lifetime. Wrapping your building in metal panels also protects the materials they cover, preventing damage and deterioration, and once again, minimizing the expense of upkeep and repair.

Variety of Color Options Available

No one understands your building’s purpose and the ‘personality’ you want it to have as well as you do. That’s why, at Strukturoc, we provide our 20-gauge steel panels in a choice of 20 color options. We offer a range of attractive finishes, including stucco, embossed, and brushed textures..  

Some of the world’s most stunning architectural structures are made of steel, with a look that can range from the ultra-modern to the more traditional. Your construction project is unique and so are your individual design elements. 

Due to their design and construction, Strukturoc panels can be fitted horizontally and vertically and used for:

  • Walls 
  • Fascia
  • Soffit applications
  • Screening 
  • Ceilings

All our trims are finished with paint and textures that match the wall panel. We’re also able to include any unique detailing you need. Just contact one of our design experts to discuss what you have in mind, and we’ll be pleased to send wall panel samples and provide a pricing quote.

Steel Wall Panel – Installation Information

Strukturoc panels are manufactured to order and can be installed at any time of year. Typical lead time, from order to shipping on average is 3-4 weeks. As your metal panels arrive sized to the nearest quarter inch, there will be minimal time wasted on trimming or cutting on site. 

We provide all the hidden fastenings and equipment needed to install your walls, so no time is wasted sourcing what you need from different suppliers. Each order is shipped with a box of accessories containing rivets, touch-up paint, and a cutting blade. 

Our lightweight tongue-and-groove cladding can be secured quickly and easily by your construction team, using our installation guide if necessary, so you won’t incur any additional costs for the hire of specialist contractors. The installation will have minimal impact on the project lead time but will instantly create a massive effect on the look and appeal of your construction. 

Cost-Effective Steel Wall Panels for New Construction

When you look at the construction cost using traditional materials, it’s clear that steel buildings, or steel cladding that wraps the main structure, is a cost-effective option.

With steel panels, especially if they’re insulated, your construction will become more energy-efficient, reducing utility costs significantly over time. 

An additional benefit is that your building will be viewed as more environmentally responsible, which is an increasing priority for owners and lessees. Metal panels are, in fact, recommended by the U.S. Green Building Council as a sustainable building material. 

Exterior cladding panels protect the walls beneath them, preventing deterioration and damage, which means less frequent maintenance and repairs are needed. The initial investment in the panels pays off in the long term in the reduced cost of upkeep.

Quality Assurance That’s Unbeatable

Each metal panel is produced in our Eagan, Minnesota manufacturing facility according to your specific need:

  • Sizing requirements
  • Custom colors available
  • Preferred finish

We don’t just work for you, we work with you to ensure your expectations are met, and that you’re highly satisfied with your purchase.

We Have Everything You Need

Whether you’re considering installing metal walls for their durability, range of finishes, or as a cost-effective solution for your new construction, Strukturoc has whatever you need to complete your project. We’ll be pleased to provide actual samples of our panels so you can see the colors as well as our unique range of textures and finishes for yourself. We’re confident that you find the perfect match for the design of your project. 

Use the ‘Get a Quote‘ button, and we’ll put you in contact with a representative in your area who can answer all your questions and provide the expert advice you need.

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