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Textured trims available to match panel finish and color. 20 and 24 gauge trims in standard metal building profiles. Custom trims available with detail furnished by customer. Embossed trims available to match embossed panel finish. 20 gauge trims in standard metal building profiles. Custom trims available with detail furnished by customer.



Product Downloads:

  • Stock Trim - Base

  • Stock Trim - J & Sill

  • Stock Trim - Drip

  • Stock Trim - Corner

  • Stock Trim - Misc.

  • Stock Trim - Closure


Listed below are the most commonly asked questions about our products.

What is it made of?

20 gauge galvanized steel with epoxy baked primer embossed G-90. Our Signature series is a textured finish and our Classic series is a Kynar finish.

What lengths are available?

Any length from 14" to 30' (textured panel) and 14" to 32' (embossed panel).

How wide are the panels?

16" wide.

What colors are available?

24 standard with up to 1500 special colors available in our textured finish. The embossed comes in 6 standard colors, with custom colors available.

How long is the warranty period?

20 years for textured panels and 30 years for embossed panels.

How long are your trim and flashings?

12'-0" in length with custom lengths available.

Are all trims finished with panel matching textured paint?


Are trims other than standard available?

Yes, all trim and flashings are formed in-house and painted.

What types of standard trims are available?

Base trim, J-Trim,Drip Trim,Corner Trim, Jamb Trim, Cap Trim.

What about cutting?

Every job shipped is manufactured for a particular building. Generally the only cutting required is when panels overlap a window or door opening and at the end of a given elevation and gable ends.

What do we cut the panel with?

Every job shipped will have a minimum of one cutting blade that is used in a 7 ¼" circular saw. It is used for the cross cut through the panel sides. An electric shear is used on the longer vertical cuts.

What happens when the building is taller than your longest available panel length?

Our panels are easily stacked utilizing our standard z-flashing.

How about touch-up paint?

Every job shipped will have an accessory box containing rivets, touch-up paint, cutting blade, and installation guide.

What is the price per square foot?

What is your lead-time?

Generally 3-4 weeks depending on the time of year.

Can panels be erected in cold climates?

Yes, since the panels are factory finished, installation can be facilitated upon arrival regardless of weather. No framing and plastic need be erected for heating such as with EIF's and other field applied stucco products.

What if panels are damaged?

Replacement is relatively easy with instructions provided within installation guide.

Can panels be repainted after erection down the road?

Yes, just contact your Customer Service Representative for specifications.

Can I receive a sample of the panel?

Yes, full profile size panels are available as well as the small 3" x 4" samples.

Are there any restrictions of the panels use?

Not that comes to mind. Project types range from office to airports.

Can the panels be installed horizontally?

Yes, contact your Customer Service Representative for more details.

Is the panel insulated?

No, but we offer the WeatherWall System for that specific need.

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