Our insulated panels give you access to a comprehensive element construction system that fulfills the highest requirements in terms of cost and energy efficiency, sustainability, fire protection and design. We are happy to assist you in the planning and execution of your construction project.


Type D PIR

Insulated Roof Panel

In times of high energy costs, our roof panels with a highly heat-insulating core of polyurethane rigid foam are the first choice. You can thus satisfy the highest requirements for heat and moisture protection and sustainably protect your building.

Additional benefits which stand out are high rigidity and load capacity allowing wider spans. The combination of large panel lengths with low weight makes economical, fast and energy-efficient construction possible.

Fast and easy assembly

Unique thermal insulation

Triple sealing system

Wide beam and span spacing

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Trapez DUO 062

Insulated Roof Panel

Many refurbishment and renovation projects involve cement asbestos roofing. Trapez Duo 062 is a panel ideally suited for such use. It has a PIR coating for preventing the formation of condensation on inner roof surfaces. A sealing strip in the overlapping bead also protects against penetration of moisture. The Trapez Duo 062 is highly suitable for use in farm buildings. Fast assembly keeps costs down.

Fast and easy assembly

Connection principle facilitates assembly

luminum-laminated inner surface

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The fireproof supplement: MW Type FD roof panels

Insulated Roof Panel

The type FD mineral wool roof panel is the ideal supplement for the type D roof panel for preventing flying sparks in fire areas. The joint geometry of the two roof types is coordinated so that roof-laying can be carried out quickly and easily. Together, the PIR and mineral wool roof panels allow economical, rapid, and energy-efficient construction while adhering to demanding fire code regulations.

Building material class A2-s1; d0 certified in accordance with EN 14509 – non-inflammable

A perfect match with the same joint geometry as type D PIR panel

Insulation and roof cladding in one construction element

Precisely fitted connection without the formation of thermal bridges

Rapid and easy installation

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