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Our insulated wall panels give you access to a comprehensive element construction system that fulfills the highest requirements in terms of cost and energy efficiency, sustainability, fire protection and design. We are happy to assist you in the planning and execution of your construction project.


Cold-Store and Deep-Freeze Construction

Insulated Wall Panel

Sandwich elements such as type P panels offer outstanding insulation due to the use of PIR rigid foam as insulating core. High-precision manufacturing and an exact fit during assembly ensure that your cold-store or deep-freeze units are completely diffusion-resistant. This is partly due to the fact that we do not mill the tongue-and-groove foam profiles of the elements before cooling is finished. In addition, the joint geometry of the double tongue-and-groove joints with a labyrinth effect in four ideal positions allows highly durable seals to be used. Quick and easy assembly means that your individual cold-store or deep-freeze units are assembled in the shortest time

Fast and easy assembly

Unique thermal insulation

Precision joining of components due to panel milling only after cooling and contraction

Nine insulation thicknesses

Vertical or horizontal assembly possible

Food-grade surface coating available

Wide beam and span spacing

3 different surface profile variants

Double tongue-and-groove joints with labyrinth effect

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