Commercial Metal Siding That Lasts

Commercial Metal Siding

When a detailed proposal or bid, such as a commercial or government RFP, specifies you include an appealing and durable exterior, think Strukturoc metal siding. It’s functional, long-lasting, and simple to apply to any exterior making your bid competitive and high-quality.

Some of the world’s most stunning architectural structures—from the traditional Eiffel Tower to the ultra-modern Pompidou in Paris—are made of steel. Each construction project is as unique as a fingerprint leading to specific exterior design elements. Set yourself apart from your competition with the innovative use of our eye-catching exterior metal siding.

Strukturoc’s unique design and manufacture make it ideal for the diverse needs of the modern construction environment. Some application examples are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Office
  • Multi-family
  • Hotel
  • Food services
  • Religious buildings
  • Food 
  • Cold storage
  • Transportation facilities
  • Airplane hangars
  • Education
  • Retail construction or renovation.

Demand for our product has grown beyond the metal building industry to include customers in the wood frame, modular, renovation, and mini storage building segments. 

This is due in part to the rapid installation and utilization under most weather conditions. Strukturoc systems beat traditional masonry costs by up to 40% because the panels come pre-finished.

Durable Metal Siding

Not only suitable for curb appeal, but Strukturoc’s metal siding is also sustainable for longevity. Not to mention, the fulfillment of cost and energy efficiency comes the bonus of twenty-gauge steel’s fire protection component.

Construction using brick or block requires substantial supporting measures and forces additional cost and expertise.

Strukturoc panels attach easily to most substrates, making them quick to install, and cost-efficient. For already existing buildings, simply strip existing siding with a hat channel, then apply the Strukturoc panels over the top.

Our panels are 20-gauge or 24 gauge galvanized steel with epoxy-baked primer embossed G-90. The Signature Series is a textured finish, while the Classic series has a Kynar finish.

Because we utilize 20-gauge steel for the majority of our metal siding panels, it minimizes the surface distortion seen among higher gauge products. Therefore, we can offer a guarantee of 20 years for textured panels and 30 years for embossed panels.

High Wind Metal Siding

The Force Five line of exterior siding is strong enough for two Notice Of Acceptance (NOA) approvals for coastal and inland high-velocity wind areas. 

Force Five has two design pressures: 75psf and 120psf to protect our client’s investment. 

The 16-inch wide 20-gauge tongue and groove panels include locking grips. The profile is a hidden fastener system exceeding today’s Universal Building Codes.

It has two Miami-Dade County certifications, which is considered one of the most rigorous when protecting a structure with metal panels. This means any project that uses our Force Five siding conforms to the relevant wind resistance and strength standards for use in a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). The NOA is also subject to periodic Quality Assurance reviews.

Metal Siding Color Options

Depending upon which series you choose, the color choices range from 24 standards with up to 1500 unique colors available in our textured finish. The embossed comes in 6 neutral tones, with custom colors available.

Each metal panel is produced in our Eagan, Minnesota manufacturing facility according to your specific need.

Every job shipped will have an accessory box containing rivets, touch-up paint, a cutting blade, and an installation guide. Replacements are relatively straightforward, too.

Installing Metal Siding

What’s so unique about Strukturoc? It’s manufactured to your specified lengths and can be put together in four easy steps. 

For renovations, ensure that the existing exterior will hold screws and anchors. Install the new trims around openings and base, then the hat channel. With those three simple preparations, your team can install the panels.

New construction? No problem. Simple and cost-efficient installation is what makes Strukturoc stand out. We excel at cost efficiency as our panels are manufactured to fit the size of a particular building. Strukturoc panels are manufactured to order and can be installed at any time of year. 

The typical lead time, from order to shipping on average, is 3-4 weeks.

Weather is not even on the radar and can be installed all year round. All panels and accompanying trim are painted and cured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Finally, you won’t have to hire yet another sub-contractor or add complicated job changes to your project. Our tongue-and-groove cladding can be secured quickly and easily by your construction team, using our installation guide. 

Yes, the same person used in the construction of a project can also be utilized to install the panels. This eliminates the need for an additional sub-contractor and makes the cost of your project competitive.

We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re considering installing metal siding for the range of finishes, great durability, or because it’s a cost-effective choice – Strukturoc has it all.  We’re confident we have the perfect product for your project.

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