Panel Repair – Slip Cover Procedure


This article will show you the slip cover repair procedure for Strukturoc metal wall panels.

Watch the Installation Video:

Step 1 – Remove Overspray

  • Use a brush or compressed air to remove as much overspray as possible from the two vertical edges of the damaged panel.
  • Work from top to bottom and protect the surfaces of any adjacent panels while cleaning.
  • Note that the panel cover has a 3/8 inch end and a ¼ inch end. The panel cover should be installed with the 3/8 inch end on the left side of the damaged panel.

Step 2 – Install Panel Slip Cover

  • Insert the right edge of the panel cover first.
  • Apply pressure to secure the left edge of the panel cover down into the panel joint.

Step 3 – Secure Panel Slip Cover

  • Use the supplied blind pop rivets to secure the panel cover to the damaged panel’s face.
  • Drill a hole and then attach the blind pop rivets to each side of the panel, centered at 24 inches apart.
  • Use the supplied texture touch-up paint to cover the blind pop rivets.

This concludes the Strukturoc panel slip cover procedure. For additional product or installation information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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