Metal Wall Panels for Warehouse Construction

Embossed architectural wall panels

In the past, warehouses were considered a poor relation when it came to the look and design of a company’s various facilities. These days, there is an increasing emphasis on how a warehouse can enhance a company’s image. The public passes by, visitors are welcomed, employees need to feel they have an efficient and pleasant workspace. 

That’s why choosing metal walls for both the exterior and interior of the structure is a cost-effective means of creating a building that is functional, versatile, and reflects the brand values of the company.

Custom Color Options Available

Our wall panels come in a range of 20 standard colors, or if you prefer, we can create a custom palette to match your branding.

To create a truly original look, our architectural panels come in a range of printed patterns. To create a more traditional feel for your warehouse, you can choose wood grains such as:

  • Pine
  • Red cedar
  • Driftwood
  • And many more options…

Our Strukturoc team will work with you to create the perfect feel for your warehouse, whatever look you want to achieve. 

Sample Panels

Due to their design and construction, Strukturoc panels can be fitted horizontally and vertically and used for wall, fascia, and soffit applications, as well as for screening and ceilings. 

We’d be happy to send you samples and color charts so you can see for yourself how your warehouse could look. Then, just compare our quality against anything else on the market. 

Installation Information

Warehouse construction projects typically work on tight deadlines. Our lightweight tongue-and-groove cladding and interior walls can be secured quickly and easily by your construction team. Labor costs are kept to a minimum as there is no need to hire specialized installers.  

The fast installation will have minimum impact on the project lead time but will instantly create a finished look to the exterior of your warehouse.       

Strukturoc panels are manufactured to order and can be installed at any time of year. Typical lead time, from order to delivery is, on average, only 3-4 weeks, so we can produce and ship when you’re ready to receive them.

Size of Panels

The heavy-duty 20-gauge metal panels will arrive sized to fit and ready to go. We provide all the hidden fastenings and equipment needed to install your walls, so you won’t need to source what you need from different suppliers – with just one point of contact, you’ll save time and hassle. Each order is shipped with a box of accessories containing rivets, touch-up paint, and a cutting blade to trim around windows. 

Long Lifespan

Strukturoc’s heavy-duty metal wall panels typically last from 20 years for textured panels or 30 years in the case of embossed panels. 

No traditional building materials can be expected to last that long without experiencing some deterioration or need for maintenance.  With Strukturoc’s 20-year guarantee, you can rest assured that your steel walls will stand the test of time.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

It’s not the only initial cost of construction with warehouses that must be cut to the bone.  Any investment has to pay off financially, over the long term as well.  Though our exterior panels have direct ground contact, they are treated for corrosion, so they won’t deteriorate or need replacing. 

Warehouse walls tend to get rough treatment, and you can expect them to be knocked and scraped, but our heavy-duty metal wall panels will withstand even the harshest treatment.

Warehouse Fire protection

In warehouses, fire can be a constant risk, not only to the life of those caught in its path but also to the goods and equipment stored inside. 

In case of fire, our heavy-duty metal walls, interior, and exterior can create a significant barrier that will help contain an active blaze and prevent it from spreading and causing devastating damage. 

Weather Resistant Warehouse Metal Panels

Strukturoc’s metal wall panels have been created to handle a whole range of extreme weather conditions. Our ForceFive panels are specially designed as a significant barrier against high winds. 

If high humidity is an issue, they will protect other building materials from mold and decay.  And because the panels are fade-resistant, even in high heat Strukturoc panels are minimally affected by sunlight so that the look of your warehouse will always be top-quality.

ForceFive High Wind Steel Panels

In areas where hurricane protection is required to comply with building codes, our famous STK2500 Signature Series stucco wall panels are among the strongest available on the market.  Specially created to withstand the highest wind speeds, our Force Five panels are Miami Dade County certified.

Energy efficiency is increasingly high on everyone’s list of priorities, especially when you how much can be saved in energy costs over the warehouse’s lifetime. It’s also using modern technology and utilizing the most intelligent and environmentally responsible solution to minimize energy consumption. Steel wall panels are recommended by the U.S. Green Building Council as a sustainable building material.

The Best Choice for Warehouse Construction:

When you compare the cost of using metal panels for warehouses against traditional building materials, there is really no decision to make.

Steel wall panels are:

  • Less expensive
  • Easier to install
  • More scalable and adaptable
  • Require less maintenance

Besides, as you’ve read throughout this page, the metal wall panels provide excellent weather protection, so no matter where you live, rest assured, the structure of your warehouse and the items within it will have the ultimate protection.

To learn more and obtain samples, press the ‘Get a Quote’ button. You will then be connected with a representative within your region, as we have locations throughout the USA. 

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