Steel Siding for Business Chains

Steel Siding for Business Chains

Steel siding for business chains

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Steel siding for business chains has come a long way in recent years, fast becoming one of the most cost-effective, easy-to-install, and protective exterior siding options available. 

At Strukturoc, we have different  wall panel finishes available to suit your needs. The options available are the Signature Series Texture Wall panel, the Classic Series Embossed painted panel, the Design Series printed panel. 

We have provided metal wall panels for O’Reilly Auto Parts, Dollar General, and many other business chains. We strive to be the best franchise supplier of steel siding and metal wall panels, priding ourselves on offering excellent customer service and a worthwhile product.

You can get started right away with the ‘Request Quote’ button at the top of the page or learn more about our unique metal panel options by exploring our website. 

A great choice for business chains

Compared with traditional materials, metal panels are highly cost-effective and quick to install. They also protect your business from the elements and generally provide an appealing, modern look. 

Here are some of the major reasons to consider metal paneling for your business chain:

  • Low-cost installation and maintenance – The low cost of installing and maintaining makes them less expensive than many other materials. They are also much more lightweight than brick or granite, making installation time faster with less support structure required.
  • Durable – metal wall panels hold up well to all weather conditions including hail and wind.  Compared to  wood or vinyl, this is a huge advantage. They also require minimal maintenance once installed.
  • Visually appealing -Our Design Series options can work for a wide variety of desired looks, both on the interior and exterior of your business.
  • Fire and rain protection – When used as an exterior, the metal paneling is highly effective at preventing the elements from affecting your materials. They also act as a barrier to fire, quarantining it to one area. 
  • Eco-friendly – metal is infinitely recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly choice of building material. The panels also help to reduce energy consumption, bringing cost savings to the owner in an eco-friendly way.

Steel siding for business chains and franchise

We manufacture our metal panels using 20-gauge galvanized steel with epoxy-baked primer embossed G-90. 20-gauge galvanized steel is a high enough grade to prevent most surface distortion, which can be a problem in some steel siding. In addition, our 20-year guarantee for textured panels and 30-year for embossed panels is our promise that our steel panels are built to last.

Our wall panel systems have been built to be up to 40% less expensive than traditional masonry exteriors for businesses. We pride ourselves on the long-lasting durability of our panels, with an emphasis on solid visual appeal. 

Due to their universal design, our steel siding panels can be used as wall, fascia, or soffit panels, making your selection and installation easy. 

Fascia refers to the horizontal band at the end of rafters, while soffit is the span beneath rafter tails. Metal wall panels are an excellent material for both areas as it seals the area in a visually appealing way. The panels are also weatherproof, protecting the building from the elements.

Our Signature Series uses a stucco textured finish, which helps to redirect sunlight for less glare and prevents ‘oil canning.’ It makes the surface more durable and scratch-resistant and prevents the color from fading. It also has a distinct and attractive visual style.

This differs from our Classic Series, which uses a Kynar finish. Kynar is a chemical resistant used as finishing. It increases the durability of the metal, has high gloss retention, and is highly resistant to humidity. In short, it protects the metal from a variety of durability issues, keeping it as great-looking as the day it was installed.

Finally, we also pride ourselves on our friendly and expert customer service experience to back up your panel installation and maintenance experience if you come across any issues.

Business chain custom color and texture options

  • 24 standard colors
  • 1500 special colors available for our textured finish
  • Embossed panels come in 6 standard colors
  • Color can be matched to your business chain colors

Samples are available in both small 3” x 4” and full profile size. Check out the individual series for their styles and colors. 

For example, you can take a look at our Signature Series styles to get a feel for which options are suitable for you. Then, check out the ‘Instant Estimate’ button for a quick look at the cost. You can also talk to one of our representatives to better understand what options are available and at what cost. 

In addition, touch-up paint comes included with every job, as well as an accessory box containing rivets, touch-up paint, a cutting blade, and an installation guide. This makes minor repairs easy to do oneself or with some general help. 

Finally, our panels can be repainted after the installation as well if you aren’t happy with your original choice. Just contact your customer service representative and a repaint can be scheduled. 

Steel siding trim and flashing

Metal trim and flashing are used to prevent the passage of water into the building’s interior. It is used with our steel side panels to seal the building and protect it from water damage. When you place an order, we’ll work with you to figure out what trim and flashing are needed, and it will come in the same style as your metal paneling. 

Our trim and flashings are:

  • 12’-0” in length with customized lengths available 
  • Finished with the matching panel paint. 
  • Available for all panel designs
  • Formed and painted in-house

Metal trim improves the durability of your siding by serving as an extra barrier to prevent moisture from seeping in. Water damage is one of the most common causes of damage, so the better the seal, the better the longevity of your building. 

Beyond protection, trim also gives your siding a finishing touch, refining the shape and polishing its look. It’s an important step to making the best out of your building’s overall design. 

Metal panel installation

Installation is fast and simple with metal paneling, as there is no need for specialized installers with our universal panels. Generally, the installation has a short typical lead time of 3-4 weeks, making it easy to schedule into your construction plans.

However, lead times are affected by the weather, so be sure to check in with one of our representatives to find out a more exact lead time for the installation. Installation is also possible during the winter months since the panels are factory finished.

Our installation doesn’t require highly specialized skills, reducing costs and allowing us to pass on those savings to you. 

Business chains in high-wind locations 

Our Force Five line of siding is available in a variety of options, protecting your business from hurricane-force winds and weather. with a protection factor strong enough for a Notice of Acceptance approval for coastal and inland high-velocity wind areas.

There are two options of Force Five available, depending on the risk factor in your area: 75psf and 120psf. 

Both have achieved Miami-Dade County certifications, one of the most stringent for wind protection. This means they conform to the wind resistance and strength standards needed for use in a high-velocity hurricane zone. 

Steel panel size options

Any length between 14” to 30’ is available for textured panels and 14” to 32’ for embossed panels. The width of all our panels is 16”. Panels are cut around openings and for different elevations on-site when installing. 

Size is rarely an issue as we can work with you and your business to figure out the best size that will work for your locations. We have samples available of many different sizes for you to look at before making your final choice.

Cutting steel panels

Every job is cut for its particular building. For the most part, cutting is only required when panels overlap a door or window opening, and occasionally when there is an elevation change.

We use a 7 ¼” circular saw for crosscutting the panel sides and an electric shear for longer vertical cuts. This is all done quickly on-site for fast and precise installation. 

Buildings taller than the longest available panel are easily solved using z-flashing and stacking, so there is no need to worry about a building being too tall for the panels. 

Let us partner with your business or franchise

You can learn more about whether our metal paneling is right for your business by connecting with us for samples and a quote using the ‘Request Quote’ button on the top panel. We serve business chains all across the USA and would be glad to connect you with a representative in your region.

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