Metal Wall Panels For Interior Design

Textured metal wall panels in a variety of colors

Interior design in commercial buildings has come a long way over the years… No longer are you limited by drywall, paint, and generic décor. The range of options for creating a unique design that represents and communicates the personality of your company is greater now than ever before.

Strukturoc metal wall panels offer a fresh way to create an interior space that is everything you imagined, from new textures to vibrant colors and custom design options. Whether your operation is retail, municipal, office space, restaurant, or even a house of worship, Strukturoc metal wall panels can provide an updated look to enhance your space and create new relevance in your design.

Why Consider Metal Wall Panels For Your Interior Space?

Metal wall panels have long been a staple for commercial building exteriors. There’s no denying their ability to withstand the elements and provide fire protection while offering beauty, durability, and ease of construction. But why limit such durable, impressive, and eye-catching materials to the exterior?

Metal wall panels are now coming in from the cold and landing on interior walls in a variety of businesses. And there is no question – they make a statement!


What better way to set yourself apart than using tried and true materials in new and unique ways? Strukturoc metal wall panels offer a beautiful alternative to traditional interior wall materials like drywall or wood. The available finishes and colors mean that you can bring pieces together to create a design unlike anyone else’s.

Whether you want to set yourself apart from competitors or are simply trying to express your own creativity within your business, Strukturoc metal wall panels offer you new and innovative ways to achieve either.


Our metal wall panels are made from durable 20 & 24 gauge steel, they are easy to install and offer additional benefits over traditional materials. Coming together with tongue and groove assembly, you can avoid the mess and maintenance of traditional material. Metal wall panels mean that scratches, dents, even water damage can be avoided altogether.

By utilizing Strukturoc metal wall panels for your next interior design project you combine form, function, and feel to create a space that sets you apart.

What Metal Wall Panels Can Add To Your Interior Space

With many options to choose from, Strukturoc will help ensure your interior space sends the right message, one that will highlight your business’s personality and purpose.

Various Strukturoc Designs

Choose from our Signature Series, Classic Series, Design Series, or Impression Series. All come in a variety of colors for any space you can imagine.

Our Signature Series utilizes our proprietary stucco textured finish and tongue and groove construction that’s guaranteed to make an impression. Not only are there a variety of colors available, but customization of colors and color matching are also an option.

For a classic look consider our Kynar Embossed wall panel, the hallmark of Strukturoc’s Classic Series. Available in 6 different colors or custom colors of your choosing.

Looking for something a bit different? Consider the Strukturoc Design Series printed wall panels. These metal wall panels allow your creativity to shine through while maintaining the high quality and durability that will last for many years to come.

Or consider the gorgeous urethane finish and custom colors of our Impression Series. The choice is yours and the result will be one that represents your space in a way that sets you apart from all the rest.

Enhance Your Interior Design With Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels offer a new spin on the typical interior design options. With completely customizable color options, you can go from boring to brilliant by combining textures, colors, and panel orientation to bring life to your space.

The addition of metal wall panels to your interior space will allow you to create a feeling of substance and depth within your work environment. Nothing says strength, sustainability, and conveys creative energy the way the metal wall panels can.

Are There Other Applications For Metal Wall Panels?

Absolutely. Not ready to outfit your entire workspace with metal wall paneling? No problem, there are several creative ways to incorporate metal wall paneling into your design ideas.

Consider utilizing Strukturoc’s metal wall panels in other manners within your space, like metal wainscoting, accent walls, or other design features. These are just some of the ways to create a unique feel within your business environment. With the variety of colors, textures, and customization available, you can put together a space that will represent the nature of your business in a completely new and compelling way.

So, if you are looking for a new approach to styling your interior space, it’s time to bring the outside in and consider adding the beauty, durability, and functionality of metal wall paneling to your plan. The result will be one that is uniquely yours.

Why Choose Strukturoc?

Business owners and developers aim for the longevity and success a solid product and service can provide. So has Strukturoc. Since 1992, Strukturoc has been producing metal paneling designed to withstand the test of time, not to mention the elements.

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