Steel Wall Panels for Barns & Sheds

Metal Panels for Barns & Sheds

When you’re constructing a new barn or new shed, or maybe updating the facade of an existing one by re-cladding, metal wall panels are the ideal choice. 

Strukturoc’s 20-gauge steel wall panels will give you the look and functionality you need at a far more affordable cost than traditional building materials. Below, we will take you through several benefits of choosing Strukturoc metal wall panels for your shed or barn.

Quick and Easy Installation

Our lightweight tongue-and-groove cladding and interior walls can be secured quickly and easily by a construction team in a short time – no need to pay for specialist contractors.

Strukturoc panels are manufactured to order and can be installed at any time of year. Typical lead time, from order to delivery, is, on average, only 3-4 weeks, so we can produce and ship when you’re ready on site.

Metal Wall Panels That Are Built to Last

We’re so confident that Strukturoc’s heavy-duty metal wall panels will stand the test of time that we guarantee them for 20 years.

You can be fully confident that your steel walls will stand the test of time, retaining their original color and texture for many years to come.

Save on Barn Maintenance Costs

The last thing you need is to find that your new barn or shed needs constant repair and maintenance, offsetting any initial savings you made by cutting corners on the build quality.

Strukturoc’s metal wall panels are not only less expensive than more traditional materials, but they also require little or no maintenance, saving you money over their lifetime. Also, cladding your existing buildings in metal panels will protect the materials they cover from damage and deterioration.

Energy efficiency is increasingly high on everyone’s list of priorities, especially when you can save energy costs over the lifetime of your shed or barn. It’s also about using modern technology and utilizing the most intelligent and environmentally responsible solution to minimize energy consumption.

Steel wall panels are recommended by the U.S. Green Building Council as a sustainable building material. If your structure is climate-controlled, our insulated heavy-duty metal panels will help to reduce your energy costs.

Customized Color Options Available

Although functionality is the main priority when constructing a new shed or barn, good-looking wall panels make all the difference. Our interior and exterior wall panels come in a range of 20 standard colors, or if you prefer, we can create a custom palette to blend in with its surroundings.

For example, our smooth finishes give a sleek, modern look to an equipment storage facility. For stables, wood grains such as pine, red cedar, and driftwood can create a warm, traditional feel. Trims and downspouts can be printed and textured to match.

Barn & Shed Fire protection

In barns and sheds, fire can be a constant risk, not only to the life of those caught in its path but also to the goods and equipment stored inside. In the case of stables or livestock barns, the result can be devastating.

Our heavy-duty metal walls, interior, and exterior will create a significant barrier, helping to contain an active blaze, preventing further spread, and minimizing destruction.

Weather-Resistant Metal Wall Panels for Barns & Sheds

No matter where your barn or shed is located, Strukturoc’s heavy-duty 20-gauge steel wall panels will withstand anything the weather can throw at them.

Our insulated Weatherwall metal panels will help to reduce heat loss from the interior of the building. Or, in hotter climes, keep it cool. So, indoors, where the horses and livestock are, the temperature will remain consistent.

When high humidity is an issue, the metal wall panels will protect other building materials from mold and decay. Being fade-resistant, Strukturoc panels are also unaffected by sunlight.

STK2500 Signature Series Wall Panels

If to comply with local building codes, your barn or shed requires hurricane protection, choose our popular STK2500 Signature Series wall panels. Among the strongest available on the market, they’ve been specially created to withstand the highest wind speeds.

Also available are our AirGuard panels that are specially designed to act as a significant barrier against high winds. Also, not to mention, our Force Five panels are Miami Dade County certified.

The Shed

If it’s a good-looking shed you need for a full DIY installation, Strukturoc has the perfect solution. It’s available in 2 models, so you can choose from a single or double slope roof.

The standard 8’ x 12’ size is easily expandable to14’ or even 16’. The wall panels are made from G90 20-gauge steel and are available in any color or finish you need, so your shed can look great in your unique surroundings.

If you’re using your shed to store valuable tools and equipment, security will be a top priority, which is why you can opt for custom single or double security doors.

The shed is shipped to you, pre-cut, and ready to install. We include all the fittings and tools required, so there’s no extra cost involved. Assembly is a quick and easy task. The job can be completed by a local builder in a few hours.

Ready to Learn More?

Whether you’re considering installing metal walls for their durability, range of finishes, or as a cost-effective solution for your shed or barn, Strukturoc has whatever you need to complete your project. If you’d like to see samples of our panels to assess the quality and look of our panels for yourself, just let us know.

We’re confident that you’ll be impressed.

Use the ‘Get a Quote‘ button, and we’ll put you in contact with one of our local experts, who can answer all your questions and provide the advice you need to ensure that you find the perfect wall panels for your shed or barn project.

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