Steel Wall Panels for Barns & Sheds

Metal Panels for Barns & Sheds

When you’re constructing a new barn or new shed, or maybe updating the facade of an existing one by re-cladding, metal wall panels are the ideal choice.  Strukturoc’s 20-gauge steel wall panels will give you the look and functionality you need at a far more affordable cost than traditional building materials. Below, we will take…

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Commercial Metal Siding That Lasts

Commercial Metal Siding

When a detailed proposal or bid, such as a commercial or government RFP, specifies you include an appealing and durable exterior, think Strukturoc metal siding. It’s functional, long-lasting, and simple to apply to any exterior making your bid competitive and high-quality. Some of the world’s most stunning architectural structures—from the traditional Eiffel Tower to the…

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Metal Wall Panels For Interior Design

Textured metal wall panels in a variety of colors

Interior design in commercial buildings has come a long way over the years… No longer are you limited by drywall, paint, and generic décor. The range of options for creating a unique design that represents and communicates the personality of your company is greater now than ever before. Strukturoc metal wall panels offer a fresh…

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New Construction Using Metal Wall Panels

Steel Wall Panels for New Construction

Installing metal walls for new construction has a whole range of benefits when compared to more traditional materials. Whether your project is a new office, a retail location, or a warehouse, you can use metal walls to create visual interest and appeal. Also, you’ll provide additional protection from adverse weather conditions, and reduce the long-term…

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Crom Rehab, TX – Designer Metal Wall Panels

Location: Houston, Texas Type of project: Rehabilitation Facility Office Products used: STK4000 Cedar Woodgrain – Design Series – Metal Wall Panel Hat Channel, textured matching Trim. Why our product was a great choice for this project: This customer wanted the strength of steel while having a unique building design that stands out.

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Metal Wall Panels for Warehouse Construction

Embossed architectural wall panels

In the past, warehouses were considered a poor relation when it came to the look and design of a company’s various facilities. These days, there is an increasing emphasis on how a warehouse can enhance a company’s image. The public passes by, visitors are welcomed, employees need to feel they have an efficient and pleasant…

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Fireguard™ Metal Wall Panels

Coming Soon! Strukturoc will be coming out with a new series of Fireguard™ metal wall panels. Fireguard™ Specs: Strukturoc Wall Panel, ASTM E84-15a Surface burning (UL723, UBC8-1, NFPA 255) Test Results: Flame Spread Index 0 Smoke Developed Index 0

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Steel Wall Panels for Metal Building Manufacturers

Steel Wall Panel Finish

When you’re in the business of manufacturing metal buildings, clients typically have a few common demands: Deadlines need to be met. Budgets need to be met. Everything has to be finished to their exact specifications. Manufacturers usually source multiple suppliers, however, dealing with different suppliers not only costs time and money but can also make…

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Steel Wall Panels for Metal Buildings: Choosing The One That’s Right For You

Exterior metal wall panels

Metal buildings offer several benefits over more traditional forms of construction. From commercial buildings to sheds, it’s a good idea to reinforce your structure with steel, whether it’s to protect it from hurricane-force winds or to give it a more welcoming appearance. What sets Strukturoc apart from our competitors is the durability and customization options…

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Metal Wall Panels – 5 Step Process To Prevent Rust

Metal wall panel installation

In this article, we are going to show you how to reduce the risk of metal panel rust and to help preserve the product warranty. We have identified an issue during the construction process where cut-metal shavings can come in contact with and embed in the panels. Use these 5 easy steps during installation to…

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