Stucco Metal Wall Panels for Residential Applications

Metal Wall Panels for Residential Use

Looking for an extremely strong, but stylish metal wall panel for residential applications? Strukturoc has many metal wall panel options for your luxury home. Strukturoc’s stucco metal wall panels are not just for commercial use, several builders and architects have been using them in residential applications. Whether it’s a multi-million dollar warehouse or a custom built home, our metal wall panels offer the same high-end appeal, strong steel design, at an affordable price.

Here are some residential applications for our metal wall panels:

  • Fireplaces and exterior chimney accents.
  • Textured panel accent columns and coining corners.
  • Luxury home exteriors.
  • Textured metal wall panel sheds to match a stucco exterior of a home.
  • Privacy walls and grill walls.
  • Matching textured finish for any exterior structures.

Home Architect - Metal Wall Panels

Benefits for residential architects and builders:

  • The ability to match the home with a textured look.
  • 20 gauge steel stands up to bad weather – hail and strong winds.
  • High wind areas can withstand up to a 200 mph wind.
  • Color matching.
  • Horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Steel metal wall panels are a non-combustible material.
  • Green product.
  • Custom design and look, get creative!

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Send us a message below or call us a 1-866-328-4982. We can answer all of your technical specification questions and help you get creative with using our metal wall panels for residential applications!

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