Metal Wall Panels – 5 Step Process To Prevent Rust

Metal wall panel installation

In this article, we are going to show you how to reduce the risk of metal panel rust and to help preserve the product warranty. We have identified an issue during the construction process where cut-metal shavings can come in contact with and embed in the panels. Use these 5 easy steps during installation to prevent this issue.

Watch the rust prevention video:

Step 1 – Read the installation guide

To eliminate this condition it is very important that you first familiarize yourself with the product by reading the supplied installation guide. Specifically, the highlighted area which details how to cut panels.

Step 2 – Cut panels away from the building

Your cutting area should be a safe distance away from the building and any unopened crates. This will help prevent metal shavings from blowing on or embedding into finished metal surfaces.

Step 3 – Do not use panel crates as sawhorses

When cutting your panels or trims the panel crates should not be used as sawhorses, as the metal shavings can cause future rusting problems. Metal shavings will sit on top of the poly and then when the poly is cut to open the next crate the metal
shavings may fall into and contaminate other panels.

Step 4 – Cut away from the building and crafted panels

You’re cutting direction should always send the metal shavings away from the install or unopened product. Metal shavings can travel 20 to 30 feet and so plan the location of your cutting station accordingly.

Step 5 – Remove metal shavings from the panel surface

It is important to remove any of the shavings from the panel surface after you have cut the material to reduce the risk of future rusting. Gently sweep or blow off the surface of the cut metal.

Failure to follow these steps can cause rust to occur and there will be no warranty for the material. Thanks again for taking these important steps and for choosing structure rock stucco wall systems!


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