Steel Panel Shed – Spray Foam Insulation


Here at Strukturoc we are consistently looking for ways to improve our products. One way we do this is by exploring new uses for our existing products. We recently applied spray foam insulation to one of our steel panel sheds to show our customers the ways they can customize our products.

If you need a long-lasting steel shed with insulation, we have an option for you!

How we insulated our steel shed

We first prepped the underside of the shed by lifting it up with a forklift and putting up plastic around the work area. Once prepped we sprayed on the foam insulation. Our goal was to make sure all sides of the shed had an equal R-value. The excess foam was shaved off and the shed was lowered back onto the ground.

We then started on the inside of the shed, making sure we tightly sealed all of the air gaps. This step was followed by a careful process of insulating the large areas of the shed. The insulation was  being constantly measured for equal depth and density.

After the inside was insulated it was allowed to dry. The final step was to shave away the excess insulation so the surface was ready for it’s final covering. In the end we were able to create a well insulated steel shed that would be virtually maintenance free for years to come.


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