Metal Wall Panel – Case Study – O’ Reilly

O' Reilly Metal Wall Panels

We manufacture metal wall panels for many local and national businesses. In this case study we will be looking how our wall panels are used for O’ Reilly auto stores.

What we provide for O’Reilly

We offer metal wall panels and trim for their store location exteriors. Our panels are a backdrop to the O’ Reilly signage, and represent the brand color on the face of building.

O' Reilly Exterior Wall Panels


Why our product was a great choice for this project:

We have provided many O’ Reilly locations with the custom red color on their store fronts. Our team worked with a custom paint company to get a glossy finish with a unique 3 coat process. Our metal wall panels provide a durable long-lasting product. We met O’ Reilly’s specific deadlines and made sure we had the stock they needed.

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