Metal Panel Manufacturing

Metal wall panel manufacturing

Our metal wall panels are manufactured for commercial and residential uses. We will focus on what benefits our manufactured wall panels offer.

What type of steel does Strukturoc use?

We use a heavy-duty 20 gauge steel on most of our panels. 20 gauge steel is also used on most of our base trims and support flashing. Our hat channels comes in 20 and 18 gauge steel. 18 gauge hat channel is typically used to meet specific job requirements (Miami-Dade requirements).

Metal wall panel steel

Do the panels offer any R value?

No. This allows us to save our customers on the cost of the panel. We do offer Weatherwall as a solution for those that need insulated panels. Otherwise, this allows us to save our customers money by not adding extra cost to the panel. In many cases, insulation is not needed, please contact us and we can help you find the right wall panel for your job.

Metal wall panel lengths

What size do the panels come in?

All of Strukturoc’s panels are a 16” nominal width, and lengths vary from 14” in length to 32’. These lengths vary based on the type of panel you are purchasing and the custom lengths you need for your project. Please contact us to discuss sizing options, I’m sure we will have what you need.

Have questions about our products?

Send us a message below or call us a 1-866-328-4982. We can answer all of your technical questions and help you get a quote for your next build!

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